Quis Es?

Who Are You?

A Bit More Background

I’ve been teaching and tutoring Latin at all levels since graduating summa cum laude from the University of Michigan. Latin became a passion of mine in high school, where I began studying as a freshman. I followed an accelerated course of study, and by my junior year, I was studying AP Latin, and achieved a score of 5 on the AP Latin exam. In college, while completing my bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre, I also continued my studies in Latin. From poetry and histories, to Roman comedies, I had the opportunity to work on an array of classics material. In a particularly memorable course, I translated an ancient Roman play and subsequently performed the play, speaking in the original Latin – a meeting of worlds I didn’t expect! Upon graduation, I received my B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, my Minor in Latin, and the highest academic honors awarded by the University.

How I Teach

My teaching philosophy is first and foremost to create a comfortable and personalized environment for each student, in which she or he methodically builds upon their existing knowledge base, feels encouraged to ask questions and make mistakes, and where feedback about the learning and teaching process is always welcome. I strongly believe that a solid grammatical foundation – in both English and Latin – is essential for gaining mastery of the language, and therefore my teaching methodology is grammatically based. I’ve also found that understanding the historical (or mythological) context and background of each work a student works on yields benefits in translation. Each author writes in a slightly different way, which affects the overall approach students should use when rendering Latin to English.

What I’ve Heard

I’ve received great feedback from both parents and students:

“What makes Daniel’s tutoring so effective is his preparation before every session. Daniel takes care to find out the details of what needs to be studied and prepares for your individual student’s needs. This not only makes each session more effective, but it creates an overall plan of study that helps his students improve significantly.”

“Whether online or in person, Daniel is able to engage with students in a way that truly helps them learn. His focus during each session translates over to our daughter, resulting in a focused and helpful learning environment where she has begun to thrive.”

“Daniel teaches Latin in a way that I can understand it. He breaks down the grammar so that it makes sense. Even when there is a lot of work to go through, Daniel always makes it interesting. You can tell he really likes what he is teaching!”

Learning More

Ultimately, I love teaching because it is unendingly inspiring to watch students grow, and because the happy secret of teaching is that, as a teacher, I have a constant opportunity to continue learning. If you’re a parent or student who feels the same, and you’d like to learn more and set up a first session, I’d love to hear from you. Salve!